I'm Nikhil.

I am a Computer Science student and I love problem solving

About Me

I have 3 years of experience of developing enterprise software.I have profound interest in Computer Science fundamentals. My primary expertise include Java, C/C++.I have completed Bachelors of Engineering from Pune University,India. I am pursuing Master's Degree in Computer Science at The University of texas, Arlington. Currently I am a freshman having Artificial Intelligence and Data Science as major fields of study.




Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm

This is an informational video demostrating the importance of Fast Fourier Transform algorithm and its working on paper

A glimpse of the python session i conducted at Barclays

Internship Experience



Summer Analyst Intern(Technology)(June 2018 - August 2018)

Being Summer Intern at Barclays i was part of Post trade processing team. I learned about the trade lifecycle, settlement process, other entities invloved and many other business aspects of trade settlement. I created a POC for finding settlement instructions for a given trade using trade details. I also conducted a few python sessions portraying usefulness of python in banking aspect.


Software Engineer(December 2015 - July 2017)

I was part of AT&T Operational Support Systems.
I was responsible in development and maintenance of new features for AT&T smallcell business.
Some of my responsibilities included
Develop and maintenance workflows, web services to other teams for clean data access.
Develop new modules to incorporate new features for workflows.
Business logic implementation in BPM tools and groovy.
Work with production users to resolve abnormalities in production environment.
Maintain and enhance existing code base.
Defect Resolution with agility.

BNY Mellon Corporation

Application Developer(July 2014 - December 2015)

I was part of managed investments platform team owned by Pershing LLC.
I was responsible in development and maintenance of new features managed investment platform's stategic proposals system.
Some of my responsibilities included
Development of core business logics.
Implementation of business logic in j2ee.
monitoring health and abnormalities in the application using mona.
Maintain and enhance existing code base.
Defect Resolution with agility.


The University of Texas, Arlington

Arlington, Texas, USA(August 2017 - Present)

Master of Science •Computer Science
Dual Specialization in Algorithms and Data Science.

Completed Courses

Design and Analysis of Algorithms(Dr. Giacomo Ghidhini)
Software Engineering(Dr. Mike Siok)
Relational Databases(Dr. Ranjan Dash)
Artificial Intelligence(Dr. Vamasikrishna Gopikrishna)
Data Analysis and Modelling Techniques(Dr. Jean Gao)
Advance Computational Models and Complexity Theory(Dr. Gautam Das)
Cloud Computing(Dr. Leonidas Fegaras)
Neural Networks(Dr. Farhad Kamangar)
Distributed Systems(Dr. Chance Eary)

Current Courses

Web Data Management(Dr. Elizabeth Diaz)
Programming Language Concepts(Dr. Brian Dalio)
Compiler Designing(Dr. Brian Dalio)

Savitribai Phule Pune University

Pune Maharashtra,India(May 2014)

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering



90% Complete90%


70% Complete70%


80% Complete80%

Scalable Computing(Apache Spark, Apache Kafka)

60% Complete60%


  • Artificial Intelligence Implementations

    2018 to Present

    Implementation of various concepts in AI in python2

  • Grocery Planner

    2017 to Present

    Grocery management Android application

    It helps to effieciently plan grocery needs, Involves sharing grocery among people, splitting of expenses according to individual grocery needs, prediction and suggestions based on history, alerts for expiry dates of grocery items, expenditure statistics.

    Actively involved in every aspect of application development.

    Android StudioMaterial DesignFirebaseJavaREST Web-ServicesWalmart APIJSON Parsing
  • Car Rental Application

    2017 to Present

    Car Rental Web Application

    A simple Car Rental web application that does all basic transactions

    Actively involved in every aspect of application development.

  • Solid State Drive Analyzer using Flexible I/O tool

    2013 to 2014

    Developed an application to analyze performance of solid state drives by performing various kind of workloads and presented the analysis in UI.

    CFIOJavaNetbeans Remote Procedures


Solid State Drive Analysis Using Flexible I/O

Published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering Vol. 3, Issue 1, January 2014

Fun Facts

Python's Extensibility

Python's extensibility means its ability to use functionalities from other programming languages.
for example,C language efficiently does system calls hence can be used for efficient system programming
python cannot do system calls however pythons extensibility can let us do C-implemented system calls
But how we do it? so we have to write a C-language module that includes Python API(by adding
statement #include<Python.h>)along with several other details(find them here https://docs.python.org/3/extending/extending.html)
This C-module that we just talked about acts as a glue between out C-language system call and python code.

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